• Indy Llew
  • Indy’s Room

    On day ten of Indy’s life here on earth, this struggling mama asked for a blessing. Emotionally and physically exhausted- I needed to hear some words of comfort from the one who knows the end from the beginning. We were at home taking a dinner break from the NICU on a Sunday evening. My Father-in-law […]

  • Favorite Things
  • Swaddle Transition

    Indy Llew LOVES to be swaddled. Even still, with how busy and active she is, she loves being swaddled for a nice daddy nap. Our transition out of the swaddle was rough. We tried 5 different transition sleepers, and this right here- the ZipadeeZip– was the winner. She loves this thing & so do I. […]

  • Family Life
  • A New Year

    A year ago I was certain 2016 was going to be the best year of my life. “This is our year”, I kept telling B. We were expecting our baby girl, our difficult road to getting her here had ended, I was entering my thirties, and beginning an exciting new chapter in life. Everything seemed […]