The home that holds my heart // Lifestyle Video

The home we moved from in June holds so much of my heart. It was my dream- a little old cottage on the east side that we fixed up and made our own. That home of ours holds our deepest sorrows and our greatest JOYS! So many ‘firsts’ were lived there. So many happy memories were made with me & B and then with our sweet Indy. We will always treasure the time we had there. We had this video filmed the week before we moved- in our week off from the hospital. I wanted something special to remember the home that means so much to me.

However, as I watch this video now, what sticks out to me more than the home I love is my brave Indy Llew. Her fuzzy little head, her swollen tummy from her liver processing the chemo meds, the band aid covering her port site….. the hard things she’s gone through this year that never took her away from her bright smile. No one would ever look at her and know what she was experiencing. She kept her sweet nature, her shining countenance, her playfulness and laughter, and her happiness through it ALL. The three of us were able to find joy in this excruciating journey, and that is what this video captures for me. At the end of the day, we have each other and nothing else matters ☀️💗.

I am so grateful we have this beautiful keepsake to always remember this time together. I hope you enjoy our video too.

Much Love,


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  1. I can’t get enough of your family. Every story I read, all the pictures I see, the videos you post bring me to tears each time. The love you have for Indy, the faith and love you have for our Father is so powerful. You, B, Indy, your mom are incredible and so kind especially replying to everyone and making an effort even with the busy life you have. Thank you. Since I heard your story on extraordinary moms I’ve been a follower. Big big big hugs for Indy and you.

    1. The sweetest comment- thank you! That really means a lot to me ❤️. Thank you for following our journey and supporting us 😊

  2. May I suggest you read rational fasting by prof. Ehret and also read the online text of Dr Herbert Shelton’s book at the soil and health website. Prof Ehret wrote many years ago about the cause of all disease including leukaemia which he said was white blood cells actually being mucus. Fasting will dissolve them. I realise your daughter is very young but reading both books will give you insight into helping her.

  3. I also wanted to add fasting is very protective to the body of chemotherapy. You can search it online. People who have fasted before or after chemotherapy had a better prognosis better recovery.

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