The gift of health


ZoneBalance. My favorite alternative healing method. I have personally utilized the power of ZoneBalance in my life for 6 years. The changes I have seen in myself in all aspects- physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually- cannot be put into strong enough words. I have become such a higher, better version of me. All four of my bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) have never been more aligned and balanced. I have the mental power to overcome obstacles that I would not have been capable of earlier in my life. I feel more connected to myself and to God, more in-tune with my body/mind/spirit, and more at peace with my past and present life. I feel aware of my life purpose, and have found the courage to fulfill that purpose through ZoneBalance. I can confidently declare that this powerful healing method has enriched and improved my life in every aspect. So, I want to share it with you.

A lot of people have heard of reflexology but not foot zoning. The idea is the same in that there is a point on your foot that represents every part of your body, however with foot zonebalance one treatment works to balance your entire body, head to toe, heart to soul, instead of focusing on just the problematic areas.

“ZoneBalance® is a method for correcting, balancing and renewing the body’s entire cell system through a complex signal system in the feet which is connected to every cell and organ in the body.”

ZoneBalance has the ability to renew your cells, perfect your DNA, renew and raise your life energy and connection to your higher power, and balance all four of your bodies. It is the most complete of any alternative healing methods I have tried. And with 5 years of infertility, I have tried A LOT. One treatment aligns all of your chakras. One treatment can remove mental blocks from your sub-conscience that you didn’t know existed. One treatment can start the healing process of disease, illness, depression, & emotional barriers. One treatment can open your eyes and your heart to your purpose here on this earth. There is so much power in ZoneBalance. Even in one treatment. However, for most of us (like me), one treatment is just the beginning. We are all so buried in emotions and thoughts that have been embedded in us that one treatment won’t feel like enough. When we are dealing with disease and illness there are a lot of layers that have to be repaired before you find optimal health again.

My Zonologist, Rachel, has now become my best friend. She is the greatest healer I have ever known. She treats with her hands but more importantly, her heart. I have seen her heal incredible things, me being the best example. In 2014 I was in a boating accident. I was life-flighted from Lake Powell to the closest trauma center. I was unconscious for about an hour and had a pretty severe brain bleed that had shifted my brain to the right (a midline shift). I was scheduled for surgery the following morning. Rachel came to the hospital that night and worked on me. The next morning, I went in for a CT scan before my scheduled surgery. The results came back and the Doctors were in shock. My brain bleed had decreased in thickness by over half, which is unheard of. They thought the results of the CT scan had been mixed up with another patient. I did not get surgery, and I recovered amazingly well from an injury that not only could have killed me, but should have left me with some sort of impairment. More on that later 😉 I also mentioned how ZoneBalance has helped Indy in my last blog post, Keeping Indy Healthy.

There are multiple form of ZoneBalance. There is foot, face, back, and hand zoning. All are beneficial for different healing purposes. Rachel and I, and her newly launched company Balanced Well Beings, have teamed up to give one of our readers the gift of health this Christmas. This is for you, if you are interested in healing your life from the inside out. If you are interested in balancing your body, becoming more in-tune with yourself, and raising your life vibration. This is for you if you have seen several doctors and tried everything, but are still struggling with hormone imbalance, mood disorders, or illness. We are giving away a 7 week online course created by Rachel, that teaches you about hormones & the endocrine system, and teaches you how to balance them through foods, music, colors, and hand zoning. That’s right- she is going to teach you how to hand zone yourself & others. This 7 week course is usually sold for $300, so this is a very generous gift. We want to spread the goodness of ZoneBalance and of living a healthy confident life with you.

To enter to win we would like you to post on our instagram page why you would like to win this gift and how it would impact your life. Then tag as many friends as you would like, and make sure you are following both of us. Please, only enter if you truly are interested in healing yourself & would use the course. With it you will also get a free 15 minute phone consultation with Balanced Well Beings. This is the most exciting giveaway to me yet! I love sharing health with those around me 🙂 Good Luck and Merry Christmas! We will choose a winner Saturday 12/24.

**Any local Utah friends- if you are interested in booking an appointment with Rachel & Balanced Well Beings you can schedule for a special discounted rate if you tell them Indy & I referred you!  You can contact them here.


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  1. Wow! How exciting. This is amazing! ❤❤❤

  2. I’m so excited for this giveaway & would love love love to win. I posted on your Instagram page & tagged some of my friends who I think would be interested😊

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