The beautiful life of Indy Llew

Our beautiful Indy Llew returned to heaven after a brave and valiant journey with cancer. Her soul was peacefully called home as she was surrounded by those who love her most. She opened her big brown eyes and looked right in to her mothers, as she took her last breath at 11:11 pm.
Indys life was a miracle of love. For 3 and a half years we watched her fight with giggles & grit, determination & cheer. We marveled at her resilience and ability to overcome unthinkable odds. We witnessed miracles of profound greatness. We witnessed miracles in others as Indy’s bright spirit touched lives around the world. Her strength, her light, and the great love she shared with us will be carried upon our hearts for the rest of time. The way God and Indy worked together to move mountains left the world in awe, and will never be forgotten. Indy loved her family deeply and was so dedicated to the ones who loved her most. She carried us through the hard parts as we carried her. Indy loved and cared for her sister Birdy so sweetly. If Birdy cried Indy cried. When Birdy laughed Indy laughed. She felt everything her sister felt in such a special way. Birdy stepped into her role as little-big sister quickly, caring for Indy like a little nurse, holding her hand during the hard parts and hugging her when she was sad. The two of them together were the joy of their parents hearts. Brian and Terah have dedicated their lives to their little girls and to Indy’s health. They lived every day of Indy’s life with intention and love. They lived in a way that would allow them to always look back with no regrets. They cherished and made the most of every moment together.
Indy was sweet & simple and easy to please. She was truly always happy. She was gentle, strong, and always exuded the purest love. She found the greatest joy in her snacks and shows, her “dinna”, facetime calls with grandparents, and all the rides on her razor, golf cart, wagon, and spyder. Before graft vs host disease took away her ability to move freely Indy enjoyed daily, mile long walks with her little pink shopping cart and baby stroller.
She lived for play dates with her grandmother and best friend, Mamma Kat. Every morning when we asked Indy what she wanted to do that day she always replied, “Mamma kats-es house”. No one could make Indy laugh quite like her Mamma. The two of them together were an unstoppable force of happiness and joy. Indy loved and cherished all of her grandparents. Mamma Kat and Grandpa Shaner, Grandma Susannie and her ‘Pops’ Randy, and Grandpa Shane who she saved with her light. In her own magical way she changed them all.
Indy was loved and adored by many cousins, aunts and uncles, and close friends. Cancer made our time with them sporadic, but when we had the privilege of spending time together Indy was the center of it all. She especially loved spending time with her cousin Colston, who loved her so sweetly. He shaved his head with her when she was going through treatments and came over almost daily to see Indy.
When Indy grabbed on to someone she loved, she held them close and wanted them as part of her daily routine. How blessed we are to have been a part of her world.
The journey has been so incredibly heartbreaking but so beautiful all at once. Our family was knit closer together through the struggles and the Hand of God was never more clear. Indy was the center of our world and the light of our home. She was an angel here on earth and has left us all with a better version of ourselves. We are a bit brighter, a bit stronger, a bit happier because we got to know and love Indy. The impact Indy had on the world has been humbling and miraculous to witness. Her miracle is not over because death is not the end. Her love has not come to an end because love transcends. Her flame has not burned out because her soul lives on for eternity. She is an eternal light, burning bright…
She is our magical Indy Llew.

MAY 19, 2016- JUNE 3, 2021

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  1. Heather Seal says: Reply

    Oh my goodness! Never have I read a more beautiful and fitting tribute for the most amazing little girl. Tears as I read this and reflect on her life and impact on this world! I will never see crossed fingers without thinking of Indy and the gift she has been for our world. Thank you for your continual reminders of the eternal nature of our spirits and greater plan…that death is not the end, love transcends all, her flame will continue to burn on for all who are willing to see. I am a better person for knowing Indy and you and B. Your faith has helped my own. Your hope has given me new hope. Your light has lifted mine over these past 5 years. I am forever grateful to know you and Indy! XOXO

    1. Such beautify words written about a truly beautiful young lady. She has touched so many people like myself who are 1000s of miles away.
      She has taught me to live everyday like it’s my last and to enjoy it with every ounce of energy I have.
      I’m so great full to have been able to follow indys journey
      Love to you All Xxx

    2. Yes she totally did impact my life, as soon as i came aross her/your page, I was in love, because i lost my little daughter at 3.5years old, only on 29/11/2019. I fell inlove with your daughter Indy, and also you and all your beautiful family’s interactions with her. She was so wonderful, inspiring, loving, gorgeous, smart, giggly and funny. I loved her beautiful personality, she was like my daughter. She will always be loved, remembered by me and many, and will remain inspirational in our minds forever, because of her heart and spirit and fight she had within her.
      You are a fabulous mother and always will be. I would love it, but only when your ready too, ‘keep inspiring us all, and advocate and educating parents about little Indy and all the potential, drive, and things that she could do through out her life.’ Thats a beautiful picture. Little Miss Indy is now with my daughter Little Miss Dio. Those Two Beautiful Angels Are Hand In Hand. Sending you big warm hugs. So so sorry for your loss. I understand your pain and grief.
      Rest In Peace and fly high sweet Miss Indy. Big hugs to you from a huge fan, a mother from Melbourne Australia, from one grieving mother to another. xo

  2. I lost my little 7 year old sister, in 2003, to cancer. I still think of her every single day. The memories you’ve made with her will never fade. Praying so hard for your family!

  3. Josette Frizzle says: Reply

    Such a beautiful an accurate dedication. Indy Llew certainly was all sunshine and giggles. Her pure heart touched and transformed so many lives, mine included. Sending love, and prayers for healing and peace to your family ❤️
    Josette Frizzle
    Nova Scotia

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s comforting to know that she is with the Lord and all those who have gone before her. She is waiting for you guys and praying God comforts your family as we all are. I have been praying for her almost from the beginning. I will continue to pray for you knowing God answers our prayers. May God continue to bless your family.

  5. Christi Gallup says: Reply

    What a beautiful tribute to such a bright light. She is so loved and cherished. I know this has to be devastating for your family, my deepest sympathies. With love and light

  6. My condolences. Sending love and light to you and your beautiful family. I’ve never been so sad over the loss of a stranger before.

  7. Lisa Marie Scholze says: Reply

    I just want to say how deeply sorry I am for your loss. Litt Indy was such a pleasure to see on my Instagram feed every day, she would make me smile and laugh.
    Rest Easy little Angel. 🧡💛p

  8. Tiffany Lee says: Reply

    Beautifully written. Indy was a gift to the world and has touched many peoples lives. She is an inspiration. May God wrap his loving arms around little Indy and your family until you meet again.

    1. My heart aches for you l lost my niece who was blessed with Downs 40 years ago she was just 5 years old when her heart surgery didnt go well.

  9. Beautifully stated for a beautiful child of God, soul, and angel. Especially love the ending where it states “her miracle is not over…her love has not come to an end…her flame has not burned out..she is an eternal light burning bright”. A beautiful reminder to us all struggling with grief and loss, or simply want to feel and find hope.

  10. thank you so much for sharing your journey Indy is absolutely precious

  11. Beautiful. Praying for your family. Indy light will live on. Thank you for sharing her with all of us.

  12. ❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Melissa Riley says: Reply

    God put Indy here with a purpose and she fulfilled that purpose she touched so many people she was a ray of shine Whenever I was having a rough day I would watched Indy twirling her necklace and everything seemed ok

  14. She taught us all so much💛 Humbled that you shared your journey with us.

    Indy Llew will be in our hearts 💕 always.

  15. Kimberly Burnham says: Reply

    What a beautiful, loving tribute to your sweet girl. Indy will always be a beacon of light and love. Thank you for sharing her with all of us.

  16. Jasmin Howie says: Reply

    A beautiful tribute to a magical girl. Indy will be remembered by so many. Thank you for sharing her sparkle with the world.

  17. This is so beautiful. Indy you are so loved by the world. Thank you for giving us so many gifts and so much of a glimpse of the work of God.

  18. Kim williams says: Reply

    Such a beautiful life story of a beautiful little girl . I only from the internet watched her stories daily she always made my day so much brighter 💕. We are praying for your family 💕

  19. So beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time. Sweey Indy Llew, we love you so! She really was magical in every way.❤

  20. Pam and Dave Pedersen (Heidi Madsen’s parents) says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful, heartwarming story in the way only a mother can say. Her light lives on…she blessed the lives of thousands and I don’t think the”ripples” her life created can ever be counted. God knows….that’s why Indy Llew was right here, where she needed to be, until He lovingly carried her Home.

  21. Imagine the miracles she will make happen now! It has been a privilege to experience the joy of Indy Lew. Thank you for sharing her with the world. Deepest & sincerest condolences to you and your family xxxx

  22. Thank you for sharing Indy’s beautiful life and her loving family and friends. She has brought me closer to God for sure. Praying for you and your family and healing. Always praying for your beautiful angel. Thank you 💞

  23. We love you!!!

  24. So utterly , utterly beautiful. Indy changed my life and I live far away across the pond in Manchester United Kingdom. Her smile , her giggles , the way she twirled her necklace , made me smile so much every day . I was going say I found Indy , but as others will say , I know for sure Indy found me . Because of Indy I have faith in my heart and soul , a faith I thought would never , ever be there . Indy Llew you filled my heart with utter joy and I love you . Thankyou for all you have done for so many in this world . I don’t understand why god wanted you back , only he knows why , but for sure ‘ there will be another angel around the throne tonight ‘ . Terah and B , and precious Birdy , you are in my thoughts and prayers always . Please know that there are so many around the world who are sending you love and prayers. I will be watching the celebration of Indy’s life , Thankyou for allowing us to celebrate with you . I also have Indy’s song list on my Spotify and I adore every song , and I listen to them over and over . Please take lots of care . You are a very special family .

  25. Amy English says: Reply

    I’m so thankful to of followed you guys for so long. I loved Indy so much and am sad that she’s gone but am so incredibly happy that she’s whole again and in no pain. And what a blessing to be in Jesus’ arms. Praying for you everyday and sending so much love.

  26. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Indy Llew with the world. She blessed me and my family so very much as we followed your adventures- we first found you through my friend Liz (Ruby’s Rainbow). We have grown to love you all, have prayed over you too many times to count- and we will continue to do so! Your love for each other, your love for the amazing angel that is Indy- just astounding and gorgeous and perfect. Thank you again- and we are so blessed to be connected to you earth side. He draws us to each other for bigger reasons than we will ever know. Thank you, again. Dearest Indy Llew- your mommy, daddy, Birdy, Jesus, your incredible grandparents, and all of us love you. Oh, how we love you!

  27. we love love love Indy, will always see her in the sky and hear her sweet giggle<3 we love you Terah, Brian, Birdy, and all of Indy’s family (especially Mamma Kay)<3 she lived with purpose.

  28. Katie Wilhelm says: Reply

    Precious Indy Llew. Thank you for shining your light on the world. 💛

  29. So incredibly beautiful ~ Godspeed Indy Llew.

  30. Hello from Sydney Australia. Thank you for sharing Indy’s beautiful light with the world ❤️

  31. Kimberly Dunn - Colorado says: Reply

    What a beautiful tribute to a special little girl. Thank you for sharing your Indy Llew with all of us internet strangers. We are all better people because of it. Rest easy Indy, you are loved. 💗

  32. This is so beautiful ❤ beautiful words about a beautiful soul, who will forever live in our hearts she touched so deeply ❤

  33. Marie Mocek says: Reply

    We are so very sorry for you loss of Indy but we know her light will continue to bless us and shine forever.
    Marie Mocek

  34. Jody Jacobs says: Reply

    Beautiful 🤩 beautiful 💕

  35. And this is what the love of Heaven is. Crying tears for your loss and mourning with you. May our Father in Heaven send angels round about you to bear you up. 🙏❤️

  36. I had to pause to clear tears so I could see to read. Your Indy is beautiful, your family is beautiful. God bless.

  37. Deb Sheffield says: Reply


  38. Beautiful words, beautiful family, and an inspiring and awesome Indy. Thinking of you all. I will miss checking Instagram just to see Indy’s beautiful face!

  39. I know you are overwhelmed at this time. Our prayers are with your family.
    When time and life permits, Could you comment, advise as to holistic or natural treatment for Lyme disease? Would be very interested in your perspective on this. I bless and keep you all during time of loss. Lisa

  40. Bella

  41. Christine Hirsch says: Reply

    Absolutely beautiful written. May sweet Indy hold you up in your darkest hours. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. Susanna Stark says: Reply

    That gave me goosebumps. I’m so privileged to participate in the online journey from Australia. We’ll be watching Indy’s celebration of life with love, tears and joy. God bless all of you! ❤️💜❤️

  43. Such a sweet and beautiful soul… Thank you for sharing your little girl with us. 💗

  44. Marilyn Warner says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter, along with your trials and tribulations these past few years. Your strength and resiliency is admirable. Indy and her adorable personality has brought such positivity to social media. Her spirit will live within us all forever! God Bless! 🕊

  45. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Indy Llew with us. What a blessing she was and always will be.

  46. Aleksandra Madzarovic says: Reply

    May her soul fly high.👼✨🙏🏻We are all truly blessed to have witnessed the angel Indy Lew and she has imprinted in our hearts always and forever 💗👼🙏🏻We love you Indy Lew 💗💗💗

  47. I love you Indy Llew. Your light will always shine ✨💕

  48. love you Indy llew🤍 our angel forever🌅🕊👼🏼

  49. I have followed your light Indy Llew from Victoria, Australia. I wept tears when I read of your passing and wept again reading The beautiful life….
    I have a daughter with Ds and also know the joy and the beauty she has brought to our lives.
    May your family find peace in knowing the love you touched upon so many. Hugs to you all during this time.

  50. Traci Baker says: Reply

    Terah, I have been following your family’s story for the past two years and while I’ve been a quiet observer, I feel I’ve gotten to know your family through your photos and stories. I’ve told my own kids and family members about all of you. You’ve been a true inspiration to me. You’re a woman of depth and beauty that transcends the external. Like so many around the world, my heart was breaking with the news of Indy’s transition, and like so many I have been in complete awe of the love and strength and purity that exudes amidst the most intense pain and loss. As a mother, I simply cannot fathom the pain you must feel and yet the way you carry yourself with grace and integrity urges me to become a better human being. The images from last night are some of the most beautiful images I’ve seen. Thank you for allowing us to ‘participate’. My life is richer simply by following your life stories. You are an incredible family. I wish for a journey of healing for you, B and your beautiful little Birdy, knowing your beautiful Indy will always be with you. Blessings, Traci, from Indiana

  51. Robyn Trinchard says: Reply

    This is written so beautifully and truly depicts Indy and the life of her beautiful family. They certainly made the most of every day even when there were days that I am sure they just didn’t feel like it. Indy and her family love unconditionally and without terms and conditions. This love is something we should all strive for in our relationships. Indy Llew you continue to strengthen my faith and God chose you to be an angel here on earth because of the profound impact you made on so many! #indyllew #weloveyou #indystrong #fingersstillcrossedforindy #indyllewandbirdytoo #miracle
    Love you so. Rest easy beautiful Indy. May your family continue to feel your presence and “God winks”!
    Robyn and Evie from NOLA

  52. So beautiful! She really did touch people all over the world with that darling smile, giggle and her sweet spirit! 💕

  53. Ingrid Hassani says: Reply

    Indy Llew you touched us with your giggle and your heart, your innocence and your spinning necklace … what a warrior! You now live in the Glory and in our hearts forever!

  54. Severine Guiot says: Reply

    To Terah Belle To Brian and little Birdy Roe
    Words are powerless at such times. I nevertheless wanted to tell you that with France I share your pain. May the memories of Indy Llew bring peace and serenity.
    Severine GUIOT

  55. Que bello tributo, Indy ha sido una gran inspiración para muchos, un Ángel que vino a enseñarnos que a pesar de todo debemos mantener la Fe y la.confianza en Dios. Extraño tanto a esta princesa guerrera, extraño sus risitas, su dulce voz, sus videos, pero ahora ya Es LIBRE. Ha sido tanto lo que esta linda y dulce chica ha hecho por mi, por el mundo. Te amo Indy Llew!
    Thera, Birdy, B y Mama Kat, los llevo en mi corazón y están presentes en mis oraciones, tengo mis dedos cruzados por Ustedes!

  56. Jessica Pittman says: Reply

    I only know of your family because of Instagram but once I found Indy, I couldn’t let go. I looked for updates daily and received more joy than you could imagine from people I did not know, your family! Indy gave my heart such joy and there were days I cried with you! You see I have two daughters of my own and to see Indy in her pain but also in her light has made me hug my kids a lot tighter. When you would post Indy with Birdie my heart soared because they remind me of my two! Indy has made me look at this world so differently. Where there is pain there is love! And death is not the end! Thank you so much for sharing your family with the world! We all need to love the way Indy loved!
    Jessica Pittman

    1. I am honored! Thank you! I have considered being a birth worker, and I may have an opportunity in the near future to do so. We will see where life continues to take me ☺️

  57. Diane M Brunson says: Reply

    When I speak to others about Indy Lew and her amazing family, they would probably think that I know you personally because of the love that I have for you all just from the way I talk. I feel like I know you all too and right now my heart is breaking for you. Indy Lew, you were so lucky to have this hand picked by God family that let them love and take care of you until he needed to bring you back home. God Bless!

  58. Severine guiot says: Reply

    No words can console the passing of a child.i think strongly of you and your family
    and hope that you can lift your heads as quickly as possible.Your little angel ascended to heaven protects you and will guide you forever in patience and in life and’love.
    Severine Guiot

  59. Sweet Indy ❤ You changed my life and continue to do so. You are in every rainbow, every sunset and every prayer. I miss you and I’m so thankful to your mom and dad that thay shared you with us!🙏🏻🥰
    Love Veronika

  60. Christine (Chris) says: Reply

    I have had a hard time accepting the fact that she is truly gone… but watching Birdie looking for Indie, it is a firm reality. I have followed your story for years, watching the love, dedication and miracles of your sweet Indie Llew. Her strength showed me that I too had the ability to be strong. To greet each day as if it was the best day ever.. just like Indie. Her resilience, her positive attitude and the ability to see through the bad will never leave my heart. Indie Llew has made me stronger and wiser and I pray that when I get to other side, I can find her and give a big hug 💞 But for now, I pray each day for you, B and Birdie to be comforted and to find peace as you struggle to find ground in your new journey. I cared FT for my Mom the last few years of her life, and after she passed I found I no longer had a purpose in life. I still struggle, but I am getting stronger every day. I don’t know you, but I love you as Indie’s Mom, who fought so hard for her every day of her five beautiful years. Your unconditional love will carry on through us. 💖

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