Swaddle Transition

Indy Llew LOVES to be swaddled. Even still, with how busy and active she is, she loves being swaddled for a nice daddy nap. Our transition out of the swaddle was rough. We tried 5 different transition sleepers, and this right here- the ZipadeeZip– was the winner. She loves this thing & so do I. It keeps her warm, she can move her arms to roll over but can’t keep herself awake by sucking on her hands, and has boundaries. Indy needs boundaries to feel safe. She can only move so much when inside her little zipadee, and that is what she needs. They come in fleece and cotton & many different designs. We have loved the fleece one during these cold winter months. With the other transition bags we tried, I found myself slipping mittens on her hands in the night because they always got cold. Now the mitten hands were adorable, but an inconvenience nonetheless. Indy slept more soundly in this than any of the other ones.

So if you have a baby that loves to swaddle, but needs to transition, I recommend getting a Zipadee-Zip (here!). Function & practicality for the win. Also, it’s basically a Snuggie for your baby. It doesn’t get any cuter (or more funny!) I giggle every morning when I wake up to my snuggly baby in her baby snuggie ;).

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  1. Terah, I love the way you share your solutions to certain situations so others can benefit too. Their are no coincidences. Indy llew was waiting in God’s arm for you to be her parents.❤️

    1. Sharon thank you so much for always being so supportive and sweet to me. I really appreciate it! xoxo

  2. Do you use this for her because she moves around so much in her sleep? My 8 month old loves to roll around and i’m nearly losing my mind tryjng to safeguard him.

    1. Indy still rolls all over in her crib with this on. It does not keep them in one spot, just helps her to feel secure and safe. Good luck!

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