Recognizing miracles

Yesterday we went paddle boarding at Lily Lake in the high Uintas. We have been staying up there at Bear River Lodge this week, exploring the beautiful backcountry and enjoying our time together.

Lily lake is where Brian proposed to me 10 years ago (story to follow) and is a special spot for us. It is a small, quaint, and stunning lake with big sections of beautiful lily pads.

We took our paddle board and a picnic, and set up for our afternoon at the lake. Indy enjoyed our time on the paddle board but really wanted to play in the water, so after our loop around the lake I dropped her and B off on the shore, and went back out alone for some mommy rejuvenation.

Ten minutes into my ride I noticed B walking down the shore in my direction. I could tell by his body language he was stressed about something. He had tried to yell for me, but I couldn’t hear him. I started paddling back to shore to see what was going on. As I paddled, I had the conscious thought of “Wow, how am I moving so fast?” It felt like something was pushing me. I was paddling quickly but not that quickly, and the wind that had been blowing all morning should have been pushing me in the opposite direction.

I watched B go and put Indy in the car. He moved quickly to come help me get off the water. When I asked him what was wrong he pointed to the sky and said, “There’s a storm moving in really fast. You don’t want to mess with high elevation storms. We have maybe 5 minutes ok T? Hurry.”

I hurried to the car to pack up our things. As we were scrambling to get our belongings loaded the rain started. We moved fast, and were sitting safely in our car within 3 minutes of me getting off the water. Within seconds of us getting in the car, the loudest lightning strike I’ve ever heard struck. B and I looked at each other with big eyes.

That lightning strike was the only one that came in an intense storm that lasted maybe ten minutes. But that strike, struck a family that was sitting on the shoreline across from us. We had paddled right by them a number of times. Three little girls, sisters, were all hit. The dad revived them with CPR.

The miracle for us is that we were protected from that strike. I was the only one on the water when storm clouds moved in. I was standing up, on a paddle, and could have very likely been the one hit. I did not have my life jacket on my body and would have fallen into the water. B listened to his prompting to call me in, and I was able to get to shore much faster than I normally would. God was exercising His power in our lives.

When we learned about the girls that were hit I felt an overwhelming guilt and sadness. We were shocked, and pondered the experience for hours. I wondered why God would protect me, while allowing this to happen to that little family. I asked B for a blessing to lighten my heart and mind. I was told that God is our all powerful Creator, and works in ways our mortal minds may not always understand. I was told that God is using my life for good, and I needed to continue lifting and supporting the people around me. I was granted another day of life, and the witness of that miracle has strengthened my faith insurmountably.

Now the miracle for the family hit by lightning, is that all three of those girls are expected to live. God utilized His mighty power to produce an even bigger miracle in their lives, for hundreds to see.

What a gift both of our families have been granted. I am so grateful for another day of life- this beautiful life that I treasure so much ❤️.

Much love,


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