Optimizing our health for Covid-19 using supplements & herbs.

This pandemic is encouraging all of us to take inventory of our base-line level of health. How healthy is our immune system? What things have we been neglecting? What can we do to strengthen our immune defense?

Zinc & vitamin C are hard to come by right now. Anti-oxidants like resveratrol and curcumin are selling out everywhere. These are things we should be taking on a regular basis! The way people are rushing to care for themselves and their families is the way we should always be doing things (in my health obsessed opinion) 🙂

I am very excited about the use of IV vitamin C and IV glutathione in mainstream medicine. This is the direction we have needed to go for a long time! The things we will learn now because of this pandemic will save countless lives in the future. Imagine a world where sepsis & cancer patients go in to the hospital and are treated with IV vitamin C and glutathione, in addition to pharmaceuticals, which greatly improves their outcomes. 

The following video is a compilation of information to help you stay healthy at home.

Linked below are options for the supplements I discussed in this video. A lot of them are currently sold out and/or are selling out rapidly. Keep your eye on them, they will restock but will sell out again quickly. If you can’t find these exact brands, look for something similar.

Supplements can get really expensive. If you can only get a select few I would suggest Zinc, vitamin C, and elderberry as top priority. If you or a loved one have high risk health conditions it may be in your best interest to take all of these if possible. Please know, that there are things you can do to protect yourself if you can’t afford supplements. Raw garlic is a powerful anti-viral and immune booster. You can eat two cloves a day and really protect yourself. Raw honey is also great for the immune system and fights viruses. Food really can be our medicine! Eat foods high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

If you do get sick, you should ramp up the amount of zinc and vitamin C you take, at the first sign of symptoms. You can read about “Zinc shock therapy” here & “Vitamin C shock therapy” here. This will GREATLY improve your course of illness.

Zinc, in the form of liquid Zinc sulfate, is the best thing you can take right now. Good state is a good brand for adults, and Eidon is a good one for kids. Vimergy also has a good zinc supplement. In the video I mentioned that the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine that is being used to treat covid-19, works by pushing zinc into cells. So if you have optimal levels of zinc your body will respond better to this treatment. 


General guidelines for zinc dosage:

Adults: 15mg twice a day of liquid zinc. 30mg twice a day of capsules.


3 months to 12 months: a couple drops a day in a bottle of the Eidon or Vimergy zinc.

1-2 years: 2-3mg a day

2-4 years: 5mg twice a day

kids 4 & up: 7.5mg twice a day

*These are general doses. If there are chronic health conditions you would want to take more. In acute illness you will want to take more. You can always work with a naturopathic doctor or alternative medicine healer to determine the exact right dose for your body.

Elderberry: You can buy one prepared or make your own at home using dried elderberries & raw honey, many recipes can be found online.


Vitamin C:

My favorite is THIS liposomal C, but it is selling out very quickly. These are some other great options like this Micro-C by Vimergy- it is a highly absorbable C with some added anti-oxidants. I like to break the capsules open and drink in juice or water. The following is another Buffered vitamin C that absorbs well and works great. When looking for vitamin C look for liposomal vitamin C, ester C, or buffered C. 

Mushrooms! I admit I used to be scared of medicinal mushrooms. But don’t be fooled. They are incredible for your health and the ultimate immune system enhancer. My family uses Chaga mushroom daily in smoothies and as a tea. I love Chaga from Vimergy. We also take Turkey Tail and a mushroom complex from Organixx. We rotate through these. Mushrooms are especially good for people with cancer, which is why we learned about & have been taking them.


I researched a lot of different brands and found the best to be THIS one by Ultimate Vitality. Since making this post it has sold out, but I hope it is restocked soon. Look for a supplement that has 200mg curcumin and 75mg resveratrol. You can also buy them separately, or even just take curcumin.


I like THIS one by Liponaturals– liposomal glutathione is the kind that absorbs best. This is a good option for capsules too. Glutathione is showing really helpful in the treatment of Covid-19. It is also incredible for every cell in our body.


Remember I also mentioned melatonin, alpha lapoic acid, and ground flax seed in the video! You can find these options virtually anywhere. I would like to add a note about melatonin- which is to not fear it. Taking supplemental melatonin will not decrease your natural melatonin production. It actually helps it. So take some melatonin and let your troubled, pandemic-consumed mind rest at night! Because that same melatonin that helps you sleep will also help control inflammation if you get Covid-19. (Our family uses liquid melatonin from Pure Encapsulations).

In addition to these supplements that were studied specifically with Covid-19, there are things that work incredibly well at fighting viruses & bacteria every day like Cats Claw, Lemon Balm, L-Lysine, & Goldenseal. We take all of these in our house in times of illness and even as prevention.

As requested, a link to some humidifiers I like and recommend. My favorite brand of humidifiers have been Air Innovations. 

Here are the links to some pertinent articles and sources to some of the information I shared in my video:

This interview was the one that discussed laboratory studies done on coronaviruses and natural therapies. It is so interesting and informative, it is my favorite article on Covid-19 so far. I highly recommend reading.

This video discusses the use of IV vitamin C in critically ill patients with Covid-19, in a Shanghai hospital study.

I loved this interview with an ICU doctor working in New York, the heart of the U.S. outbreak. I appreciated how calm this interview made me feel.

The use of face masks will be really helpful in decreasing the spread of Covid-19. We are all working for the same cause here! Our American culture is not used to wearing masks out in public, but a lot of cultures do this regularly to protect their lungs from pollution and disease. Its definitely socially acceptable at this time 😉 Remember you can even just put a bandana over your face. 

I hope you found this helpful. Take some deep breaths, be careful & wise, and find joy in the little things. We will all get through this. 

Much love, 



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  1. Kaitlin Chitta says: Reply

    Thank you for your incredible post. Is there a melatonin you recommend for kids? Is there a specific dose that’s recommended?

    1. Hi! I use liquid melatonin from Pure encapsulations for my daughter and for me! I take 2.5mg. I would start with 0.5-1mg for a child and work your way up as needed. I give Indy, my daughter, 7.5-10mg of melatonin at night because it is good for cancer and she has a hard time sleeping. Start low, work up slowly!

      1. Rendy Lemke says: Reply

        Thank you so much for this helpful information. I do have one question: the BioKleen has sodium laurel sulfate. Did you know this and is it safe because it’s vegetable based or something?

    2. Hi Terah! I was wondering how much vitamin C to take? I remembered seeing it on your story but couldn’t remember the mg if we were to get sick. Thank you for all your helpful info! Tomi

      1. You can take 10,000mg a day in divided doses if you get sick. I am currently taking 3,000mg a day as prevention!

  2. Can you offer any recommendations for humidifiers, especially larger areas? Thanks

    1. Hi! I just linked some on this blog post ❤️

  3. Great post and I loved the video. What brand of vitamin D do you recommend? Also, I’m looking forward to trying the mushroom blend. I have Chaga from Vimergy already.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you! We use vitamin D from Pure Encapsulations- I use their liquid vegan vitamin D for our whole family.

  4. Stacia Cook says: Reply

    Thank you SO much for this! My 3 year old son has DS and he recently started losing all of his hair. I love his cute little bald head but it makes me sad because I know that it is a sign of his little body not working properly. We found out he has some severe intolerances to whey and casein and elevated TPO antibodies. We have taken him off all dairy and trying to supplement the best I can with smoothies because he won’t eat anything but chicken dinosaurs 🤦‍♀️ I’m going to start putting ground flax seed and medicinal mushrooms in his smoothies but wondering how much I should put? Also I give him about 2mg of melatonin daily. How do I know if he needs more? Thank you so much!
    Love a concerned mama,
    Stacia Cook

    1. I think what he needs most is B12, zinc, silica (orgono siliplant), and maybe some ashwaghanda. This will help support his nervous system and endocrine system and can maybe stop the hair loss. I would go off gluten as well, if You can find a substitute for the chicken Dino’s! I would suggest finding a naturopath that can help you navigate the different dosages for all this stuff and do labs to see exactly what his little body needs ❤️

      1. Thank you!

  5. Thanks so much for this post! If my husband or daughter are taking a multi vitamin, can they use the vitamin C and zinc in addition to that?

  6. Thanks so much for this! Is it okay for you to take the vitamin C and zinc in addition to a multivitamin? My husband and daughter take a multivitamin and he is hesitant to stop.

    1. Absolutely you can take in addition to the multivitamin!

  7. Knowledge is power! Thanks for sharing! This is much needed and appreciated! We will get through this… 💖💫

  8. Thank you so much for sharing.My list of notes looks like i am studying for a college exam! What probiotic do you recommend? I also have 2 daughters (16 and 10) and would like your recommendation for one for them as well!

    1. Hi! You’re so cute. I use the Mary Ruth’s liquid probiotic for our entire family 😊

  9. Could you link the face masks that you use? Thank you so much for all the helpful information!

    1. Hi! They are from Vogmask, but they have been sold out for 2 months now.

  10. Vitamin A – do you have recommendations for a product of use?

  11. On zinc dosage it says 7.5 mg which would be .0075 ml. Is that correct? Seems small

    1. No, depending on the brand you get it will be something like- 7.5mg per 5 drops, or 7.5mg per 2 dropperfuls, etc.

  12. Hi Terra how much Micro-C you recomend a 3 year old to take?

    1. Hi! You could do 500mg a day unless there is a sickness or health concerns, then you could do 1,000 or even more!

  13. Hi, Terah,
    my mom was recently diagnosed with melanoma (also has Hodgkin´lymphoma since 3 years).
    I have already started with heavy detox smoothie drink + high doses of vitamin C, zinc and CoQ10, just as a fusion of your recommendations. Is there anything else I can do for her please?
    For the lymphoma, she is scheduled to get radiation soon.
    Thank you a lot! I find all the information you are listing, SO helpful!

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