My answer is still YES.

Ten years ago I received the surprise of my life, on a snowy day in the Uintah forest.

B and I had what you could consider a 3 and a half year courtship. After a year and a half of pretty solid dating, I gave him the talk. “Are you gonna put a ring on it or what?” or something like that 😉. He did not come back with a solid answer, and I’m pretty sure I started preparing my break up speech.

Soon after our “talk” B told me we were going for an over-nighter with our friends Jason & Heidi. He told me what to pack but would not tell me where we were going. He picked me up the day of the trip with our friends already in the car, and took us for lunch before heading to our surprise destination. Heidi and I found ourselves alone, and started passing around thoughts of where these boys might be taking us. “Well, you know, Jason’s proposing to me this weekend…” Heidi said. “What?!” I was ticked. B and I had been dating three times longer than these two. I couldn’t believe it! But I played it cool, all the while thinking, “Brian Jones is seriously dragging me to be an accomplice to Jason and Heidi’s engagement. Unbelievable.” I’m totally laughing right now as I type this and recount my thoughts in that moment… I was so irritated! Hah. Back to the story.

After driving two hours into the woods we came to a parking lot that had 4-wheelers waiting for us. We suited up and started on the trail to our surprise destination. We had 12 stops along the trail- at each stop was a rose and a 3×5 card tied to a tree. On every card was written three things B loved about me- 1. A physical trait, 2. A personality trait, 3. A favorite memory of us together. These ones are my favorite, and still make me laugh every time I read them.

At several times along the trail as I read these sweet (and funny) cards, I thought… “This is pretty extravagant for being an engagement accomplice, IS HE?!?” but I would quickly talk myself out of it, we had never even been ring shopping. And it is not unlike B to do something extravagant just for fun. Then on the 12th card, with the 12th rose, it said “I loved that time when me and you got married, had a wonderful family, and lived happily ever after! Oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet. But one day, it will!” And then I was utterly and completely confused. This is all so B, he loves to tease. I mean what would you be thinking?

Then, the blind fold came. At this point I just knew…He had to be proposing. My guts were on fire as he blindly took me down hill on the 4-wheeler. He then crashed into a snow covered tree stump (on accident) and said “Uhhhh, I’m gonna need you to get off now”. He walked me to a different tree stump and sat me down. Guts still on fire, he left me there for several minutes in my anxiety to wonder what was happening. Then I hear, “ok, you can take your blindfold off now”. I took it off to find myself sitting in front of a small, beautiful lake (Lily lake) with B down on one knee in front of me, holding a gorgeous ring that he picked out based on a picture I showed my mom once. He told me he loved me and would be so honored if I would do life with him, and be his girl for eternity. “YES!!! Of course B!” I said with tears of happiness in my eyes. I couldn’t believe that he finally popped the question. B is the master of surprise… he really got me good with this one.

We acted lovey-dovey in front of the lake for a while like a newly engaged couple would do, then went to find Jason and Heidi. They did get engaged also and Heidi was thrilled that B finally proposed to me too. This had already been so exciting, sweet, and special, but the surprises were not over yet. They then took us to a beautiful cabin at Bear River Lodge, where we would be staying for the night.  I don’t even know how B discovered this place, it was so perfect.

We walked into the cabin to a candle lit dinner, big bouquets of flowers, and rose petals all over. I was speechless- These two really out-did themselves. Our time at the cabin was unforgettable. We spent a lot of time in our private hot tub that was right outside the door, and stayed up all night playing games and talking wedding plans. And just when we thought the surprises were over, B and Jason had something else up their sleeve. A helicopter ride was arranged for us the following morning, which took us over the Uintah mountain range and all the beautiful lakes, and even took us upside down, for an exhilarating 30 minutes.

B doesn’t do anything small, as you can see. He has made our life one of adventure, excitement, happiness, and love.  Given the chance- I would say YES again and again, a thousand times over. I truly could not ask for a better man or a better life. I love the life we have built, B, and we still have so much life to live. That is exciting.

This past week we were able to celebrate our 10 year “engagaversary” up at Bear River Lodge and Lily lake as a family of three.

It was so fun reliving that weekend, reading all the 3×5 cards B wrote for me, and reading my journal entry detailing the experience and  my feelings at the time. It was refreshing to be in those gorgeous mountains and felt wholesome to be there with Indy. Ten years ago we would have never dreamed life would take us where we are now, but we both agree, it has taken us somewhere bigger and better than our dreams. We wouldn’t change a thing.

Bear River Lodge will forever be a very special place to me because of the part it played in this exciting time of life. I imagine our little family will make many memories up there for years to come, and I will have plenty of opportunities to share this story again and again. For us life is about family, love, and positive experiences. I am so happy we have the opportunity to live that.

The wonderful people at Bear River Lodge heard our story and wanted to do something special for us, and for our friends too. They have generously offered to give any of our readers $50 off a night stay in a cabin OR $50 off a day RZR rental, now through November 15, 2017 with the code “terahbelle”. Video coming soon that highlights all that we did during our stay- it was just so much fun. Thank you Bear River Lodge, for making our experiences with you unforgettable!

And many thanks to all of you, for reading my blog posts and loving & supporting our family. It means a lot ❤️.

Much love,


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  1. CUTEST STORY EVER 💕. Indy will always have such a fun, exciting life with you two!! Together you guys make the most perfect family. I don’t think you and Brian could have had a more perfect, precious, adorable, smart, sweet, beautiful (the list goes on . . 😍) little girl. So happy for you all!!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️ You’re always just the sweetest. We definitely couldn’t have asked for a better baby girl! She is perfect for us. 😘

  2. I LOVE this! I honestly remember like it was yesterday, being over at Jones’ house for a party sometime in high school. When you walked in he totally lit up and I thought right then and there that if you two didn’t end up together something was wrong in the world. Just makes my heart happy seeing what you two have created together <3

    1. ❤️❤️❤️ Aw I love that you thought that and remember that time at his house! Thanks for sharing Carly 😊❤️😘

  3. Wow! I never heard that storyline that! You are amazing. Amazing as ever! I love it. Makes me SOOO happy! It gives me happy tears. I LOVE that I knew it was was going down that weekend. I LOVE that B asked me to lunch so that he could ask ME for your hand in marriage. I LOVE that he is your husband and Indy’s daddy. I love Indy more than I could ever imagine and I love YOU. I am the luckiest person alive. Or should I say BLESSED. 💝

    1. Thanks mama. We are all pretty Blessed! 💕

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