Life giving foods & Indys Detox smoothie

Smoothies are one of the best ways to pack a huge nutritional punch into one cup. I have given Indy powerhouse smoothies since she first started taking solids. Now that we are fighting atypical cells and going through heavy duty chemotherapy, excellent nutrition is more important than ever. Indy gets a detox smoothie every day to keep her system supported, wether at the hospital or at home.

All information below is gathered from Medical Medium’s book “Life Changing Foods”- a book I highly recommend for everyone.

•Mango- induces sleep, eases constipation, kickstarts a sluggish liver, and helps your body manage stress.

•Wild blueberries- highest level of antioxidants of any food on the planet. Fights all cancers and diseases, number 1 adaptogen (balances hormones & adrenals), restores the liver, most powerful brain food ever, the resurrection food [raise you out of the ashes- physically, mentally, emotionally]

•Cilantro- heavy metal detoxification of organs, especially from the brain! Clearing heavy metals from the brain is crucial for optimal brain function. Detoxes liver, supports adrenals, kills virus/bacteria/parasites

•Aloe Vera- soothes & cleanses intestines,
Relieves constipation, enhances B12 absorption & production, kills virus/fungus/mold/bacteria/parasites, removes radiation from the body, nourishes skin.

•Coconut water- provides vital glucose and mineral salts to the bloodstream, supports neurotransmitters (think sleep & mood), nourishes reproductive system & adrenals, is very hydrating, antiviral and antibacterial.

•Fresh squeezed or cold pressed Orange juice- oranges contain active glutathione & flavonoids that fight virus, protect the body from radiation, & deactivate heavy metals in the body. Oranges contain an abundance of bioactive calcium.

•Dates- amazing for the digestive system, kills Candida, great source of potassium, glucose, and amino acids. Aids in muscle recovery.

•Ginger- relaxing tonic for organs and muscles, helps manage stress, boosts immune system, reconstructs DNA, anti-cancer

•Spirulina- full vitamin & mineral profile, energy for cells, clears heavy metals from body, great source of iron and vitamin K.


Indy’s Detox smoothie: 

Makes 16 oz- I divide into two 8 oz mason jars and freeze for 2 days worth of smoothie. Indy prefers to eat her smoothies frozen with a spoon, and I think this particular smoothie tastes better frozen.

1/2 C Fresh squeezed or cold pressed orange juice

1/4 C Aloe vera gel or juice (I use Lakewood Organic brand)

1/4 C coconut water (no sugar added)

1 C frozen wild blueberries

3/4 C frozen mango

1/4 C fresh cilantro

1-2 large un-pitted dates, remove pit (un-pitted dates are much softer than pre-pitted dates!)

1 tsp Hawaiian Spirulina (I use this one)

*Option to add fresh grated ginger after blending, just 1/8-1/4 tsp will add heat to the smoothie and many health benefits. Indy loves the taste of ginger, while it is personally not my favorite!

**You can substitute the mango and dates for banana instead, depending on taste preference or nutritional needs. Or you could even add banana to this recipe to sweeten it up more.

***I add 2 drops of detoxadine (nascent iodine) to this recipe. I put detoxadine in our smoothies every day to give us our daily dose of iodine. Iodine is critical for thyroid function and cellular metabolism and helps prevents cancer.


Happy detoxing 🙂

Much Love,


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  1. debbiejohnson2730 says: Reply

    My mom is 87 and was just diagnosed with acute Leukemia. My daughter suggested this smoothie to give to her. I pray for Indy and trust the Lord for their complete healing. God bless you for this information.

    1. Bless your heart and your sweet mother! I pray she does well with her treatments. Xoxo ❤️

  2. I think about you guys and Indy a lot. Even though I don’t know you personally. I feel like I do, I prayed and fasted for you guys and Indy. And I can’t thank you enough for all you share. Shortly after my baby was born we found she has a couple minor heart problems. Even though minor they still scare me. We changed our eating habits to eat cleaner and once she was old enough we have been giving her and my two other girls the smoothie. And it’s been a full year of doing it. And we have loved what it has done for our bodies and spirits. Thank you so much!

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