Indy’s first Valentine’s Day

Having Indy Llew has made every holiday  more exciting, and Valentines Day is no exception! I have had so much fun getting surprises ready for Daddy and grandparents, like some Valentines day photos 🙂

Baby valentine

baby valentineToday we made clean-eating sugar cookies and decorated them together. I think this will be one of our Valentine traditions. Even though Indy is just a babe,  it was so sweet to do this with her. It warmed my heart just having her by my side as I rolled out and baked cookies.












I found the recipe for these cookies over at Mommypotamus,  and they actually turned out better than I imagined. This is the first time I have attempted sugar cookies since going gluten free 4 years ago, and It was a pleasant surprise! I used this clean version of pre-made frosting as recommended by mommypotamus because I was in a hurry today.

I wanted to add some red on top but didn’t order dye-free sprinkles in time, so I ground up some Goji berries with sugar cane crystals in my blendtec for some DIY, healthy, red sprinkles.

paleo sugar cookies








I love eating & baking clean.  I love being a mother. I love Indy Llew, and look forward to many more memories made in the kitchen with her. Memories of all kinds made with my sweet babe.

Have a happy Valentines my friends!

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  1. OH. MY. HEART. ❣️❣️❣️

    1. 😊😊😊

  2. She is so cute and I love, love reading about your adventures with her. Terah, you’re the the best mother!

    1. Thank you Lyn! You are so sweet I really appreciate that ❤😊

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