In every detail, in every thought.

Living in a hospital room for months at a time… oh boy. It is hard. The morning after we were admitted, I looked around that square room in all its empty, boring glory, and knew we needed to make things feel warm & bright if we were going to survive our first month, and each month thereafter. I hung pictures of Indy and our favorite moments together all over the walls. We put up motivating quotes & mottos like “We can do hard things” and “Believe in how strong you are” to give us daily strength.  We tried to make that little room our home. As I sat in our new little space, staring at the walls, I realized what we were missing. We needed a picture of Christ to really make this room ours.

At home we have a picture of Jesus in every room of the house. It is our constant reminder that we are never alone. If there was ever a time for us to remember that, it was now. When Indy was born my friend Hailey gave me this picture of the Savior titled “The Hand Of God”. This painting was my daily dose of peace after having Indy and the difficult emotions that followed. I felt like I was drowning, but Gods hand was always stretched out to save me, to pull me out of the water. This painting hangs in our bedroom and is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. That first week in our hospital room, I most certainly felt like I was drowning. I needed a reminder that His hand is always out-stretched towards me. The assurance that we are never alone if we let Him be with us. I needed this painting in our new little residence.

My plans to go purchase a second painting for our room got put off many times as the week filled up with endless doctors, therapists, nurses and visitors in our room. My heart needed this picture of the Savior, but I didn’t have the time.

The Saturday after we were admitted (almost one week) we were returning to our room after walking with Indy in the halls of the unit. As we approached the nurses desk my eye caught a glimpse of a large beautiful framed picture- “The Hand Of God”. My heart started beating fast as I thought, “No…. that can’t be for us”. As we got closer I saw a beautifully adressed card, with our names written on it. My eyes filled with tears, as they do again while I type this. I looked at B and said “wow, I can’t believe it”. I couldn’t… but yet I could. This had Gods hands written all over it.

We carried our new gift into our room and opened the card in anticipation. Who was the giver? It was hard for me to read the card all the way through without skipping to the end to see who it was from. When I finally made it there, tears began to flow from my eyes heavier than before. “I know its been forever…”

Carly. A friend of ours from High school. We cheered together and had some classes together. Her and B had mutual friends. She was a distant friend who we had not seen in 13 years. The card she wrote was full of beautiful and uplifting words. She said that after reading THIS post of mine on Instagram about Peter walking on the water & my feelings of faith falling flat, she had the prompting to buy this painting for us. If only she knew….

I messaged her expressing my deepest gratitude, and shared with her the story of how I was NEEDING this exact painting, had planned to go buy it for a week, but didn’t have the time. She was the answer to a special desire, a desire of my heart that Heaven knew I needed. She told me she felt so relieved because there were so many doubts in her mind, even as she dropped it off at the desk she was wondering what we would think about getting this from her. “They probably have a ton of pictures of Christ already…. they haven’t seen you in 13 years…. they’re going to think you’re weird!” Not weird. Just completely incredible.

“God does notice us- and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs.” What a powerful witness that God knows every desire and thought of our heart. Carly, a friend from years past, was the answer to a prayer I never actually said. She was the answer to a simple desire that meant so much to me. She listened to that small voice which told her to act, and she didn’t retract when doubt filled her mind, like she could have justifiably done. What a beautiful act of faith and love. The events of this experience will forever be in my heart and in my mind as a reminder of Heavenly Father’s power and love. It has been added as a stone in the corner foundation of my faith. How good is our God. He is truly in every detail, and every thought, in every moment.

Thank you Carly 🙂



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  1. Brett Fabert says: Reply

    wow, what a story. I am so happy you got to experience that and that Carly followed through after having doubts. I LOVE that paInting! I’m so glad that God worked through your friend like that and I hope this experience does just that for you and your little beauty. God is always right there with His hand reaching out to help us. =)

    God bless your little family.

    Brett aka “Bretto’ =)

    1. Thanks Bretto! You’re the best. I hope you are doing awesome.
      Much love 🙂

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