Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

Finally, a heavy metal detox tutorial! I have spoken many times about the importance of drinking this smoothie every day. Not just for children with Down syndrome, but for all of us! Clearing heavy metals from the brain, tissues, and organs can have profound health benefits. It will allow you to think clearer, combat neurological symptoms like depression and anxiety, have more energy, and allow your inner organs to function at a better level. Heavy metals get stored in our livers and can really affect the way our livers function and are able to process fats and toxins, and protect us from harmful invaders. Heavy metals can also sit in the digestive tract and cause digestive upset. Indy and I drink this smoothie nearly every day and have faith that it is making us healthier each time we do! And I promise, it really does taste good.

This smoothie was created by the amazing Anthony Williams. Details about the recipe, why he included the ingredients he did, and the benefits can be found HERE.

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To make things easy on you, here is an image I created of the recipe so you can screen shot it & have it located conveniently on your phone.

Thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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  1. I’m wondering how much of the smoothie should my 2 year old consume a day? Also is it possible to freeze some of the smoothie for future consumption and convenience or should it always be made fresh ?

    1. I freeze it in batches for Indy- I explain it in the video! She gets 8-16oz of this smoothie a day.

  2. Wow its easier than i thought!! Thank you so much i hope you do more videos like this one !! Im give it a go for my Elena

    1. Oh good! Thank you for your feedback!

  3. Thank you so much for this video! Helped me so much to see you make it and how you freeze it for Indy.:) do you usually take it out of the freezer and let it sit to defrost for 10min or so before you give it to her in the morning? How much do you drink each day? I am 22 weeks pregnant. So wanted to ask about how many ounces you drink in the morning. I think I remember you saying this was perfectly safe to drink while pregnant. I couldnt hear in the video if the oj you got is cold pressed and pasteurized? Thanks so much!!

    1. Ok here’s the rest of your question! I do let her frozen smoothie sit out for about 10 minutes and sometimes I run it under warm water to speed up the process. You are safe to drink this full recipe everyday while

  4. Great! I plan to watch video but was putting down my daughter for nap and feel asleep myself 😁

  5. Thank you for doing this post! Helps so much to see how you make it? You mentioned you freeze it for Indy. Do you take it out of the freezer and let sit on the counter for 10min or so so it is not so hard to eat with a spoon?

  6. Also I couldn’t hear in the video if you said the oj you get is cold pressed and pasteurized? I have seen that brand at my grocery store. I am 23 weeks pregnant and think I need to get oj that is pateurized? Thank you!

    1. Oh we are about at the same time in our pregnancy! Congratulations!
      I use cold pressed or flash pasteurized and have drank that my entire pregnancy 🤗

  7. Thank you for doing a tutorial! My mom has advanced liver cancer & I pre-ordered Liver Rescue from Anthony Williams as soon as I heard about it! Mom has done chemo, but now she’s doing radiation as well as a chemo pill. I’m wanting to start making this smoothie for her everyday! Thanks Terah!

    1. You’re the best daughter! This will benefit her greatly ❤️ Sending love to you both.

  8. Morgan Shearer says: Reply

    Thank You SO MUCH for breaking this down and making it easier. How much would you give a 1 year old daily. He is very healthy and still on breastmilk so he could also be getting the benefits from me once I start drinking it as well.

    1. Thanks Morgan! He is fine to eat a half smoothie every day if he wants! Or just one 8oz jar like I give Indy 😊

  9. Hi Terah, I am wondering what juicer you use? Can you recommend a good one?

    1. Hi! My Juicer is actually not the best- I am in the market for a new one. I recommend an Omega brand, slow masticating juice extractor. That is what I plan to get next 🙂

  10. Hello
    How much do you usually drink daily?

    1. I drink one full recipe 🙂 My daughter drinks about half of this recipe.

  11. Hi dear Terah….what is the brand of the jars you use to store the smoothie?

  12. Hi Terah, at what age is it safe to start a child on the heavy metal detox smoothie? I have an 8 month old! Thanks!

    1. Hi! I started giving it to Birdy when she was 5 months old 🤗

  13. How long will one batch stay fresh?

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