Happy First Birthday, baby

My sweet Indy Llew.

Today you turned one. As I reflect on this past year I can’t help but feel the deepest, indescribable gratitude that you chose me to be your mommy. At times I have felt unworthy of you and have wondered how you and me came to be. You and Heavenly Father must really have a lot of faith in me.

Indy you are such a strong, special, incredible little girl. Your spirit glows. It radiates peace & joy, comfort & beauty, and the biggest kind of love. I feel so close to Heaven when I’m holding you. And I know that Heavenly Father knows how special you are, too. He has whispered it to my heart time and time again, especially in my moments of doubt or fear. Indy when you were born and we were told you had Down syndrome I was so scared. I didn’t know what to expect and was so worried about you and the quality of life you were going to have. You see Down syndrome has a pretty bad rap (you and I are working hard to change that). If I could have seen even just a glimpse of my future with you, I would have known that everything was going to be ok. I would have seen that we would be the happiest little family, the proudest of parents, and that you would be the most amazing, beautiful little girl I’ve ever beheld. If I could have known how my heart would change I would have been happy instead of sad. I would have been confident instead of scared.

You have changed my world baby girl. I am proud of you for coming to the world the way you did. I know you came this way for a special purpose, and while I don’t know exactly what that is, I believe we will see it unfold as you grow. You are strong & brave and you are helping so many people. You are a bright light in a world that so desperately needs it. You are a light in my world, and I didn’t know that I needed it but now I couldn’t live without it.

I am so excited that I get to be your mommy forever. You will always be my little girl, my best friend, and my excuse to stay young at heart. I look forward to all the things we will do together. I hope I get to keep my best little sidekick, forever. (that’s you)

You can do anything you dream of Indy. I promise that me and daddy will do everything we can to help you achieve those dreams. Always remember how smart, strong, and capable you are. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Stay true to yourself and always share the sweetness that is the essence of your soul. You are going to bring happiness to so many lives, just by being you.

Thank you baby girl for making me a mommy. I waited for you for a very long time, and you were worth every bit of waiting. If only I could have known that you were really waiting on me I would have tried to be ready for you sooner. My soul needed to be strong and ready for you so we could achieve our purpose here on earth together. I am so excited to see where this life takes us, together.

Our first year with each other has been rich & beautiful. I have lived many experiences that I always dreamed of, as well as some experiences that I never imagined. I am grateful for each one. I am so grateful for you Indy Llew. We are going to have an amazing life together sis.  I hope you always know how much your mommy loves you.

Happy First Birthday, baby.

XO, Mom

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  1. Beautiful pictures and letter to your baby girl. Happy first birthday to both of you! The first year is worth celebrating…so much growth, learning, love and joy is found in that first year.

    1. Growth, learning, love, and joy like I never knew. Such a special milestone. Thanks for reading! XO

  2. Happy Birthday to my favorite little twins. Indy you look just like your Momma and I’m so glad you have come to finally be here for her! She’s been needing your cutest face for far too long. Can’t wait to see you soon and give you a big squeeze!

  3. So beautiful……me han hecho llorar de emoción!

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