Enhancing Fertility.

I waited 5 years for her. I think that entitles me to all the mommy and me matching I can get, right?


Today for #healthyturtletuesday I want to share a few tips for improving fertility. This is a topic I am very passionate about, and something I personally worked on for five years. I tried a lot of things and learned a lot. These are things I learned in my last year of our fertility struggle that I wish I had known sooner. My top 4 tips (this list is in no way inclusive) for increasing fertility are:

1- Zinc supplementation. I’ve talked before about zinc deficiency & how it is one of the biggest deficiency epidemics of our time. It is crucial for so many functions of our body. I can’t stress it enough. You can read more in my post here and this informative post from Wellness Mama here. Zinc helps improve fertility for men & women. It is also crucial for pregnant mothers and their developing fetus, as it aids in cell division. Of interesting note is that children with Down syndrome, as well as their mothers, have been found to have severe zinc deficiencies. I use the zinc supplement below, and take it twice a day. Do not be afraid to take a zinc supplement. Your copper levels will never be low enough to worry about zinc dropping the level of copper in your body. For more information on that, check out the Medical Medium.

2- Adrenal support. The adrenals are two tiny glands, which sit on top of each of your kidneys. They have been labeled our “master glands”, because they support all of your bodies hormones, metabolic functions, and control your stress response. That flight or fight response you get- that is your adrenal glands at work. There are herbs called adaptogens that support the function of the adrenals. There are many to choose from, but Ashwagandha in particular is an herb that can really increase fertility for men AND women. Fertility needs to be optimal for both partners if life is to be created. The ashwagandha I take is listed below, I take one twice a day. It helps with so much more than just fertility. Look into it and ask your practitioner if it may be good for you.

3- Eat as much fruit as you can! This is crucial. Every couple of hours throughout the day snack on some fruit. Fruit is the foundation of fertility. Fruit trees create life- and they help us do the same. Fruit was given as a gift to mankind, to sustain us and fuel our bodies and minds. Don’t take it for granted. Let it work for you! For more on fruit & how to not be scared of it for fear of weight gain, too much sugar, and opposition to current dietary trends, look at this post of mine here and check out Medical Medium and Mindful Diabetic. [In addition to fruit, eat plenty of dark & leafy greens].

4- Mindful meditations. Specifically directed at your reproductive system. I started this 3 months before I finally got pregnant with Indy. The inspiration was given to me in a divine manner, in an experience I will never forget, and I believe it worked. Once a day I would sit in a peaceful atmosphere and place my hands over my pelvis, breathing energy there, and imagine my body creating & sustaining life. I told my body sorry for doubting its abilities, and told it that it was ok to hold a baby now. Meditation is powerful. It heals and it creates, in whatever aspect you need in your life. If you are trying to conceive I recommend doing this meditation at least once a day. Send energy to the reproductive organs that we usually try to turn off (when we are trying to prevent pregnancy).

There are many other things you can do to improve fertility. I hope to post about this again in the future, but this list is a great start. Stay hopeful and have faith that your body can function as it was intended.

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