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  • Cashews save the cheese lovers day.

    A life without cheese is no life at all. At least some would say. I have mostly been off of dairy my entire adult life for health reasons (and a happier tummy) and have had to get creative in the kitchen to recreate my comforting favorites. What I have learned over the years is what […]

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  • A new Beauty.

    Everything we put on our skin matters. 60-100% of everything placed on our skin is absorbed into our lymph and blood stream, which then circulates through all of our organs. You wouldn’t consciously put carcinogens and endocrine disrupting chemicals into your body- so we shouldn’t put them on our skin! My journey to safer skin […]

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  • The gift of health

        ZoneBalance. My favorite alternative healing method. I have personally utilized the power of ZoneBalance in my life for 6 years. The changes I have seen in myself in all aspects- physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually- cannot be put into strong enough words. I have become such a higher, better version of me. All […]