About Us

Me and B have been married for 9 years. He stole my teenage heart in Lake Powell when the first words he said to me were, “Hey. You want a drink of my Dr. Pepper?” We were married 3 years later. After a few years of marriage & adventure we decided it was time to start our family. It took 5 years, 7 doctors, countless tests/treatments/therapies, 2 miscarriages, and 2 rounds of in-vitro to get our baby girl. When she was born our world was rocked with a surprise diagnosis of Down Syndrome. We were terrified of what that meant for us. So far, all it has meant is that she is incredibly snugly, an excellent sleeper, extra happy, and extra adorable.
Our goal is to highlight how bright Indy’s future is, how wonderful our life is going to be with her in it, and to encourage & support others who may be traveling a similar path. We want to show that Indy Llew is incredible and will do amazing things in her life, because we will not place limitations on her. I tell her every single day that she can achieve anything and become whatever she dreams of becoming. B and I will do whatever we can to make her dreams come true.
I am a Nurse Practitioner with a focus in functional medicine, and love to share tips on health and nutrition. B is an entrepreneur and the most adorable dad I have ever known (Don’t tell him I told you 😉 ). We are both self-employed which allows us to fulfill our greatest passions- travel and adventure. We can’t wait for all the adventures that lie ahead with Indy Llew, from daily life to mountain tops to the other side of the world. We are choosing to live happy and grateful.  We are working to leave a positive mark in this world. If you are reading this, thank you for being here with us. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

So much love,

Terah, B, & Indy