Building up the immune system.

The key to a healthy child is a healthy immune system. We want our kids to have an immune system that is balanced and responds appropriately to illness & infection, and is not over or under active. Zinc is the core of our immune system! Zinc deficiency is being called an epidemic worldwide and is typically the culprit behind frequent illness and infection (among other things). Giving your child a zinc supplement is a great way to build the immune system. Posted below is the zinc supplement I use for my child, and have had great results with. Indy is 15 months old and I give her 5 drops a day. Not all kids need it every single day, but zinc deficiency is of particular concern in the Down syndrome population so I give it to Indy every day. A few drops a few times a week would be great for immune system maintenance, and can be increased in times of illness. This supplement has a metallic taste and is best when given with something like juice or a smoothie. I put Indy’s together with her multivitamin, which is linked below, that has a good raspberry flavor. The reason I love this multivitamin in particular is because it is sourced from Whole Foods. It does not contain synthetic vitamins, artificial flavors, dyes, or any other questionable items. It is well rounded and far superior when compared to other liquid multivitamins. Indy has done great on it since 6 months of age. I give her 1/2 tsp daily, and will increase the dose as needed as she grows. The supplemental Zinc together with this multivitamin is a powerhouse for your child’s immune system.

There are several other things you can do and I love children’s health, so there will be more to come on this topic. Happy back to school month!

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  1. Brianne Frodsham says: Reply

    I loved learning about this. I’ve been thinking of ways to prevent my kids from bringing home all the school germs and getting us all sick. What do you recommend for a big 6 year old and a big 4 year old? Thanks! -Brianne

    1. Terahbelle says: Reply

      HI Brianne! Thanks for reading 😊. I think 2 teaspoons would be a good dose for both of them.

  2. Brianne Frodsham says: Reply

    Thank you for the suggestion. Anything to fight off the colds this year!

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